What is CrossFit? To put it simply we combine cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting into new workouts everyday. We do these workouts at a high intensity with other people. This is how we get RESULTS.


WHY CrossFit?

We all choose to begin CrossFit for different reasons, but here’s why we keep coming back for more:

  • Results– In CrossFit we measure everything from performance (speed, strength, endurance, etc.) to your physical makeup (weight, body fat, lean muscle mass, etc.) and track that data so you know you are getting better.
  • Community– We realized a long time ago the best way to stay motivated, have fun, and maximize effort while working out is with others. Each class contains 5-15 members all pushing each other to their very best and this experience week in and week out often leads to lasting friendships outside the gym.
  • Fun– If you aren’t having fun it’s not true CrossFit. A key to remaining motivated is making fitness enjoyable, and that’s something our community excels at.

WHat to expect in a class

In CrossFit “routine is the enemy,” so every class is different. We vary the length, format, and contents of every workout in order to challenge your body in new and unexpected ways. However we do follow a consistent outline, in each one hour class you can expect:

  • A guided warm-up (5-10 min)
  • Coached technique and strength work (10-20 min)
  • A “W.O.D.” (Workout of the Day) scaled to your abilities to ensure safety and maximize intensity (10-25 min)
  • Group cool down involving yoga styled full body stretching and mobility (5-10 min)